Propane Services Open to the Public


Propane Services open to the publicLone Pine Propane is a full service propane and LP gas distributor. We are open to the public and have the ability to refill all propane tanks, RV's, and industrial equipment. This onsite service has proven to be very convenient for many of our residents. We can refill our Lone Pine RV Park resident's RVs at their site.

Summer Hours: Open 5 days a week
June - September
Thursday - Monday 9am - 6pm

Fall Hours: Open 7 days a week
October - May
Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 5pm

There are many benefits to refilling your own tanks vs. exchanging them out:

  • Refilling your propane tank puts fewer tanks in circulation and is therefore better for the environment.
  • Prefilled tanks from big box stores only give you 15lbs of gas in a 20lb tank. This increases the amount of time and effort spent switching out tanks. Come to us and we will fill your tank to capacity (20lb). Your tank will last longer and result in less trips to refill it.
  • Support a small local business!
  • We appreciate all our customers and provide fast, professional, service. Hope to see you soon!

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